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High Speed Cheese Winders


  • Each spindles is fitted with a high-speed motor 0.25hp, 3 phase and 2,800 RPM for higher production performance
  • Magnetic clutch type drive system which depending upon the film tape tension,can automatically adjusts the speed of the winding shaft in order to reach proper winding tension.
  • Equipped with dancing pulley and take up arm lever connected to magnetic clutch working on swing motor principle.
  • Perfectly wound cylindrical package without edge built up and side slippage
  • Simple operation and excellent production perfomance


  • Metallic Cam
  • One Piece Magnet
  • Hardened Steel cam
  • Compact Space Saving Layout
  • 5 Nos. in each column
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High Speed Circular Looms

Four years, through constant research and improvment to present you a great variety of plastic fabricating system.


  • High efficiency with improved fabric quality so you can get high benefit refund with low investment.
  • Saving in power consumption upto 60%
  • Improved shedding system to cut down high maintenance cost of spares
  • Conventional shedding system replaced by nylon half sandwich belt assembly using ordinary hooktype healdwire.
  • Extremely low maintanance cost number of bearings and spares reduced 50% in comparison to other conventional looms.
  • Main drive gear box eliminated by 'V' Belt drive and idler pully with housing introduced to avoid braking jerks and belt consumption.
  • Magnetic cloth winder for efficient, perfect and higher cloth winding capacity
  • Less space required.
  • Heavy duty strong mechanical structure and parts to enhance the durability of the loom
  • PP / HDPE flat yarn fabric available
  • High shuttle revolution to assure high output
  • Warp tension regulation system to allow even weft insertion

ACL 2500 - 24 :

High Speed 4 Shuttle Circular Loom, which is especially meant for Cement bags as well as Fertilizer Bags and also offers various benefits in terms of output, power saving & spares consumption etc. This Loom can run with 2 HP main Motor. You can weave 8" to 24" fabric.

ACL 5000 - 36 :

High Speed 4 Shuttle Circular Loom. This Loom can run with 3 HP main Motor. You can weave up to 36" fabric.

ACL 5000 - 36/6 :

We recently developed one High Speed model for high Output, Which is basically 4 shuttle looms, but in this model we set 6 shuttle, which is running on 3 H.P. main motor with 2800 mtrs/day guarantted production. MODEL ACL 5000/36/6.

ACL 6000 - 60:

High Speed 6 Shuttle Circular Loom, which is meant for making Tarpaulins, Jambo bags and is ideal for production of wide Fabrics for container bags. This Loom can run with 5 HP main Motor. You can weave up to 60" lay flat fabric.

ACL 6000 - 72:

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Flexo Graphic Printing Machine

Printing for HDPE / PP Woven Bags, Corrugated boxes.

Features :

  • It is suitable for printing on HDPE / PP / PE woven bags
  • flour sacks and cement & fertiliser bag
  • cloth bag, craft paper bags etc...
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Hydraulic Bale press

Capacity to press 500 to 1000 bags per Bale

Features :

  • Compact hydraulic brerak
  • Present baling height - table upto stop
  • Overload protection valves
  • Pressure regulator and guage
  • Push botton operation
  • Emergency stop
  • Coating table block


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Sutli Winder


Features :

  • 3 Ø main dimmerstat control for complete unit
  • Line speed upto 110 m/min
  • Package diameter - 6"
  • AC torque motor
  • Power supply -3Ø, 415± 5%, 50 hz
  • Hand operated doffing device
  • Individual power on/off switch & tension control
  • Imported timing belt
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Heavy Duty Bobbin Winder for Monofilament and Fabrulated Yarn

The A ONE BOBBIN WINDER is specially designed for the rope industry. It can fitted in line with the monofilament or tape line exturuder to synchronise with the extruder line speed and fitted with individual on/off switch, dimmer stat, individual travers system, heavy duty 3 phase torque motor and heavy duty timing belt, pully & gear system drive.


  • Bobbing : 250 mm flange dia by 300 length by 75 mm core dia or as per custmer requirement.
  • Capacity : Apx. 6 to 7 kg. of yarn.
  • Denier to be wound : 6000 to 12000
  • Torque motor capacity : 10 Kgs.
  • Speed line : 70 to 120 meter per minute.
  • 12" Traverse
  • Individual torque motor and individual dimmer with each station.
  • Variable travers speed for monofilament yard, p.p. tape twine & fabrulated yarn.

These winders are available for following materials

  • Rope yarn
  • Water purifying yarns
  • Fishnet twines
  • Baler / Binder twines
  • Box strapping
  • Monofilament yarns

Note : Specification subject to change without advance notice.

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New Products

Cirular Looms

High efficiency with improved fabric quality so you can get high benefit refund with low investment.


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